The Agritecture Xchange

I’m incredibly excited to be a sponsor of the Agritecture Xchange, a week-long series of events focused on the state of urban agriculture and other sustainability initiatives in New York City and planning for the future of food.

Brought to life by the good people at Agritecture and Agtech X, the Xchange is driven by the dialogue of so many people from so many places and professions who’ve come together to diagnose and heal our broken food system.

So far I’ve talked with growers and producers, techies and investors, and walked community gardens and farms on rooftop towers (the latter of which, fortuitously, was around the corner from Roberta’s - and when you near Roberta’s, you go to Roberta’s).

Tonight, I’ll be attending the panel discussion “Investing in a Local Food Economy & Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide” from 6:00-8:00pm at Company, a coworking space near Grand Central (I think there are still tickets available). It’s moderated by Meg Savage of Edible Manhattan and includes speakers discussing food production, retail procurement, tech ventures, and investing. If you see me there, come say hi! If not, stay tuned here for more from this week at the Xchange…